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Math Mayhem at Kaplan Toys!

4 Sep

From multiplication mastery to measurement magic, this kid-favorite collection of toys that teach is sure to be big hit with your child, while also helping them develop the important mathematics skills they need to succeed in school. Fair warning: These toys are so much fun, they may even ask to play with them on weekends!

Dino Math Tracks

Prehistoric pals make this award-winning math game fun! Kids roll the dice and move their dinosaurs around a delightfully illustrated game board, reinforcing counting, addition, subtraction and place value skills. Includes game board, 16 dinosaurs, cards, number die and instructions for various levels of play. For 2 to 4 players.

Item #: 22408

Price: $23.95

Learning Wrap Ups Multiplication Mastery Kit

Learn your times tables in just 10 days with this multiplication mastery kit! Set includes a workbook, Wrap-ups, and an audio CD!

Item #: 82822

Price: $19.95

Large Calculator Cash Register

Children will build basic arithmetic skills during dramatic play with this cash register! This solar-powered register even holds life-size bills. Item includes play money, plastic coins, play credit card, and activities.

Item #: 33007

Price: $39.95

Wooden Abacus

Wooden Abacus

Encouraging fine motor play while illustrating mathematical concepts with this wooden abacus!

Item #: 3636

Price: $14.95

Counting Tree

Children will start to grasp concepts of numerical value when they count the numbers of leaves and place them on the appropriate branch. Each of the four colors of leaves represents a different numeral and has the corresponding number of leaves. This tree is also durable and easy to clean. This toy is intended for children 3 years and up.

Item#: 81891

Price: $23.95

Measuring Worms

This bucket of measuring fun includes 72 squishy and colorful worms in six colors and four sizes, 1″, 2″, 3″, and 4″. Children can learn math concepts from patterning to geometry at different levels of difficulty with the included 32 double-sided activity cards.

Item #: 22371

Price: $16.95

Math Mat Challenge Game

Get kids to think on their feet! This interactive talking floor mat with fast and crazy quiz games makes learning math fun! Kids listen to the equation, do the math, and then step on the right answer. The game gets faster as their scores get higher!
Item #: 81935
Price: $39.95

Block by Block™

There are only seven pieces in this puzzle, so it should be easy. Right? Guess again! Sixty puzzle cards show 60 three-dimensional structures for players to replicate using the seven pieces. Each of the pieces, based on three or four connected cubes, is unique. Block by Block is an excellent way to develop and refine spatial perception skills. This toy is intended for children in Grade 2 and up.
Item #: 83042
Price: $14.95

Exclusively at Kaplan Toys…

27 Aug

Wooden Lacing Bird

This simple wooden lacing tree shape was designed with toddlers in mind. The chunky lacing needle, sturdy handle for holding and large holes for threading will help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Mining Excavation Kit (3-Pack)

Dig and excavate pyrite, quartz and crystals! This exclusive three-pack provides enough digging to keep your explorer busy for hours! Each kit includes tools, display cases, and much more!

Dig-a-Dino Excavation Kit (3-Pack)

Get digging with this dinosaur excavation kit! This exclusive three-pack features a Pterosaur, Velociraptor, and Brachiosaurus for you to excavate and build. Each kit includes Kidz Quiz, instructions, and excavator’s tools.

Wooden Shapes Ball Mazes

These four wooden ball mazes help children learn to visually track moving objects as the ball rolls around the maze. As they play, children will begin to anticipate the path of the ball and the beginning of logical thinking. Designed with large handles for children to easily grasp and manipulate the ball around the maze. Set includes a spiral, circle, triangle, and square.

Matching Fabric Animal Squares

These soft animal-themed fabric tiles are perfect for teaching simple matching and sorting! Includes an activity guide with suggested uses, games to play, and a book list that supports each animal theme.

Heavy Duty Tractor with Trailer

When a big job is needed, call in this heavy duty working vehicle! Durable plastic body along with silent wheels makes for perfect indoor or outdoor play. The wheels leave real tracks in the sand. A perfect addition to farm-themed block play.

Back to Basics with Blocks

13 Aug

Building blocks are a classic toy loved by kids of many different ages — and for good reason! Not only do blocks improve young children’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and shape recognition, but they also provide them with endless hours of creativity. These unique building blocks from Kaplan Toys offer children some back-to-basic fun!

Wooden Whimsey Blocks

Stack and build with these uniquely designed wooden blocks. Blocks come in different shapes and have patterns on each side for whimsical fun. They sparkle, too! Create kooky characters with face and arm blocks. Includes total of 15 blocks.

Gorilla Blocks

Children will love building huge structures and towers with these colorful blocks!  Jumbo-sized and weatherproof, these blocks are easy for small hands to manage and perfect for both indoor and outdoor play! 66 piece set.

Build A Drop

These are not your average blocks! Build A Drop puzzle pieces are designed to look like droplets, encouraging creativity and stimulating the imagination of kids more than the traditionally shaped block. Includes total of 27 blocks.

Lincoln Logs Shady Pine Homestead

Kids can create their own frontier homestead, complete with a cozy cabin and a horse-drawn carriage! Includes real wood logs, colorful figures, and other accessories. Each set comes with easy-to-follow building instructions and is packed in a handy storage container for quick clean-up!

Totter Tower

These angular blocks help children develop a sense of geometry, balance, and spatial awareness. Made from bamboo, the 24 piece set allows children to make exciting shapes and structures. Comes with an activity guide for extra fun!


Tobbles puts a new twist on building blocks! Its six uniquely weighted spheres nest inside each other when stacked. The spheres wobble, spin, wiggle.  Excellent for teaching balance, proportion, color, and structure while encouraging sensory exploration and visual-spatial awareness. Includes a base and 6 stacking spheres.

CitiBlocs Wooden Building Blocks

Create whatever comes to the imagination with these brightly-colored, natural pine building blocks! Their open-ended design offers limitless creative building possibilities without the hassle of small parts and connectors.  Includes natural, blue, turquoise, green, pink, orange, red and yellow boards.

Bambino Branch Blocks

This set of wooden blocks feels like real trees! Their natural texture allows children to experience and build with nature in the comfort of the indoors. Even includes an eco-friendly cotton bag for easy storage! Set of 12.

8 Great Olympic-Inspired Toys

6 Aug

Channel your inner Olympian with these fun-filled, Olympic-inspired toys, games, and gadgets from Kaplan Toys!

Ready, Aim, Toss Set

As close to Olympic archery as you’d want your kids to get! This set of safe, weighted darts with rip stop nylon tails causes the darts to land head down. This dart set will teach children cooperative play and is fun for the whole family!

Wobble Deck

Your little gymnast will test their balance and reflexes with this fun electronic balance challenge! The Wobble Deck can be used indoors or outdoors, and has 3 multi-level balance games that improve coordination, reflexes, and mental energy.

Balance Beam by Guidecraft

Is your child the next Paul Hamm or McKayla Maroney? With this fun toy, they find their inner Olympic gymnast and improve their sense of balance!

Little Tikes Trampoline

Who knew getting your bounce on was an Olympic event? With all-side netting and a padded frame to help keep children safe, children will be able to jump, jump, jump to their heart’s content!

Monkeying Around Ring Toss Game

Pretend the rings are disci with this ring toss game! This colorful, safe ring-toss game is made of soft fun foam is great for indoor and outdoor play.

Digital Stop Watch

Creating your own Olympic Track & Field event? You’ll need this six-function digital stop watch with large and easy-to-see numbers!

3-in-1 Sports Set

Field hockey and soccer are just two of the exciting Olympic events taking place in London in just a few, short weeks! Your child will channel their inner David Beckham or Mia Hamm with this fun sports set. Set includes 2 Insta-set goals, 2 adjustable hockey sticks, 1 Air Tech® mini soccer ball, 2 mini foam hockey balls, 1 hockey ball, and inflation pump and needle.

Air Tech® Baseball Glove and Ball Set

Baseball may have been dropped from the Olympics this year, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t play like an Olympian with this soft foam glove with adjustable self-stick wrist closure! The ball is included, so you all you need to do is grab a friend and go play!

10 Must-Have Homeschooling Tools

13 Jul
Whether a child goes to school across town or across the room, these tools will help parents teach children all year long!

MCP Mathematics Homeschool Bundles (Grades K-5)

Build strong math skills at home with clear instructions and extensive practice to support students of all ability levels! This program uses a traditional drill and practice format and is adaptable to fit a variety of instruction methods.

Price: $48.97

MCP Comprehension Plus Homeschool Bundles (Grades K-5)

Give your child the skills needed to understand written text by providing instruction and practice in major comprehension skills and strategies! Each lesson includes direct instruction of each skill and opportunities to apply and transfer the skill to context.

Price: $19.99

Core Knowledge History & Geography Homeschool Bundles (Grades K-5)

Explore history and geography as your child builds a key understanding of important social studies concepts! Each program covers diverse topics in world and American history and geography.

Price: $99.99

Half Moon Table

Perfect for providing ample learning space without taking up too many square feet, these tables also help protect little ones from accidents with extra-thick rounded bumper edges. Legs easily adjust in 1 inch increments.

Price: $249.95

Classic Chrome Chairs

A great addition to any place of learning, these durable chairs are safe to use on hard flooring and carpet. The chairs are even stackable, perfect for those looking to save space! Chair includes 14 gauge, non-tapered chrome-plated steel legs with SuperGlide composite ball glides.

Price: $27.95-$44.95 (depending on chair height)

Chairback Buddy

A great way to keep supplies organized and within reach (and a great space saver)! Slips over the back of most preschool and early elementary chairs for extra storage and convenience.

Price: $12.95

GeoVision MicroPro Microscope

The GeoVision™ MicroPro with 50x, 100x, 150x, 300x, and 600x magnifications allow young scientists to investigate everything from cells to crystals! Not just a toy, but a scientific instrument, the GeoVision™ MicroPro includes high-quality components and features that make it appropriate for science learning at any age.

Price: $39.95

Break Open Real Geodes

Your young scientist will enjoy breaking these geodes and discovering beautiful crystals formed years ago by prehistoric volcanoes. This kit includes safety goggles, six geodes from one mine, and a full-color adventure guide. The geodes range in size from 1 1/2″ – 2″ in diameter.

Price: $29.95

Student Traveler Globe

Lightweight and durable, this 12″ blue ocean globe is great for your home! The smoke black plastic base and semi-meridian are scratch resistant and strong.

Price: $37.95

[Watch how globes are made here.]

USA Map Collage Boards

Integrate geography into the curriculum! Sturdy, pre-cut corrugated boards are perfect for learning all about the “land of the free!” Students can map out the highways and cities for each state or draw the landscape. Use as an art base or create a unique “map quilt” as a classroom decoration. Includes all 50 states, plus large USA letters.

Price: $19.99





Sensational Summer Science Learning

29 May

Summer is the perfect time to explore the limitless wonders of the outdoors. Investigate insects, cultivate a miniature garden, and even test the power of the sun with these exciting summer toys – ideal for teaching children important science concepts.

Butterfly Garden Set

4 years & up

Watch 5 caterpillars develop into beautiful butterflies in this intriguing observation station. Comes with a mesh pop-up habitat, feeding kit, care instructions, butterfly facts, and a coupon for butterfly culture.


Solar Science Kit

8 years & up

Purify water or cook an egg using foiled cardboard and the power of the sun. Construction supplies and complete instructions included.


Critter Cabin

5 years & up

This wooden, screened-in critter house allows children to observe bugs and butterflies. Sliding door on one end for easy access. Cabin has a handy carry strap.


Sprout and Grow Window

Grades K & up

Transparent window allow students to watch as seeds germinate and grow into plants. Includes planter, soil, pea and bean seeds, and step by step guide.


Mining Excavation Kit

8 years & up

Dig and excavate pyrite, quartz and crystals with this exclusive 3 pack. Enough digging to keep your explorer busy for hours! Includes the gold, crystal, and quartz mining kits. Each kit includes tools, display cases, and much more!



Grades K – 3

The first and only ant habitat to be tested in zero gravity. It provides a total ecosystem for ants and uses a non-toxic blue gel which makes it easy to watch the ants digging their network of tunnels. Includes container, ant catcher, magnifier and activity guide.


Laser Pegs® Dune Buggy

7 years & up

This kit comes with enough pieces for kids to build many abstract models as well as a cool dune buggy. Requires 3 AA batteries. (Not included).


Live Frog Habitat

Grades K – 4

Learn about frogs as they live in their own pond. Watch them grow and become the classroom pet. Booklet about the care of frogs is enclosed. Includes mail-in coupon for one or two live tadpoles.


Creature Peeper

4 years & up

Keep your creature for a short time, then let it go. This bug viewer allows children to see the bug two ways, from the top or from the side. It is watertight, so children can view tadpoles or small fish. The peeper is escape proof and won’t break or tip over. Great for show and tell. Comes with a beetle replica.


7 Stellar Summer Toys for Kids

18 May

School is almost over and summer is about to begin! Make sure your kids “take it outside” and enjoy the beautiful weather with a few new toys perfect for outdoor play!

Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline

3 years and up

The large 7-foot bouncing area is durable and has just the right amount of bounce. The netting on all sides helps keep children safe, and the padded frame provides extra protection.


Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow

3 years and up

Send a super-cool rocket to new heights! Kids “stomp” on the pad and watch the foam rocket launch into the air up to 100 feet. Special “glow” edition glows in the dark!


Lazer Light Bug Vacuum

5 years and up

There are thousands of crawling, flying, buzzing bugs in your backyard — catch them live with your Lazer Light Bug Vac! Look at bugs up-close with the built-in magnifying lens.


Classic Flyer by Kettler® Walk-with-Me Wagon

1 year and up

Help little ones with their first steps while providing a wagon to push around precious cargo. Features a wide wheel base and natural hardwood frame. Sturdy construction with front bumper guards great for new walkers and toddlers.


Air Tech® Baseball Glove and Ball Set

5 years and up

Play like a pro with this soft foam glove with adjustable self stick wrist closure. Ball is included, so grab a friend and go play!


16′ Confetti Jump Rope

Your children will jump for joy with these bright confetti jump ropes.


The Freestyle Spooner Board

The ultimate training board for balance, fitness, and fun! Simulates board-sport moves (skateboarding, surfing), but doesn’t require the advanced skills or entail the same danger. Develops balance, coordination, leg, and core strength.


Mother’s Day Fun at Kaplan Toys

9 May

Kids can create beautiful, original gifts and surprises for Mom this Mother’s Day with just a few, simple tools (and toys). Check out what toys for kids also make great gifts for moms at Kaplan Toys!

Beadtastic Butterfly Kit

5 years & up

Children can create over 20 beautiful accessories for mom with colorful wooden beads, charms, cotton string & instructions.

Price: $23.95

My Art™ Spinner

6 years & up

Who says what you paint for your mom must be done with a brush? Use this amazing art spinner to create beautiful pictures and scenes for mom this Mother’s Day!

Price: $26.95

Plate Painting Kit

8 years & up

Paint and decorate two 6″ ceramic plates for mom this Mother’s Day! Kit includes instruction, paint, brush, and two display stands.

Price: $8.95

It’s My Life Scrapbook Kit

7 years & up

There’s no better way to keep all of your precious memories in one place than with this fun scrapbook kit! Design a special scrapbook for Mom or Grandma this Mother’s Day.

Price: $21.95

Pastry Chef Kit

2 years & up

Design your own cupcakes for Mom or Grandma this Mother’s Day. Mix and match the 5 cupcakes with different frostings, ribbons and cups.

Price: $29.95

Happy Mother’s Day from everyone at Kaplan Toys!


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