Great Gifts for Kids Under $50

17 Apr

Finding the perfect gift for a child is never easy – especially if you are looking for a toy that’s both fun and educational for a child and affordable regardless of the parent’s budget. Here’s a few gifts that are great for children’s minds and for parents’ pocketbooks available at Kaplan Toys.

Under $25

For Infants/Toddlers:

Magnetic Stacking Ladybug

12 Months & Up

Toddlers will discover a new concept as they learn about magnets when they watch how two parts are attached. They can build and stack in a fun way as the animal is created.

Price: $19.95

Baby’s First Sounds Vinyl Books and Blocks Set

6 Months & Up

This set of three vinyl books with simple images will encourage the development of baby’s first sounds – the foundation of language development.

Price: $18.95

Ambi® Pounding Apple

12 Months & Up

Knock down one caterpillar and another pops up right away. The caterpillars can also be pushed into the apple by hand.

Price: $22.00

For Kids:

My First Puppy

2 Years & Up

This precious puppy is ready to be loved and cared for. Set includes a puppy, 3 piece outfit, collar, chew toy and fashionable carrybag. When playtime is over, puppy and all of her accessories store in the bag!

Price: $13.95

Sky Diver Paper Airplanes

6 Years & Up

Now you can create paper airplanes that are so much better than the ones you can make in class!

Price: $11.21

Strange Plant Collection

4 Years & Up

Ignite a garden of four botanical oddities! Grow brains and eyeballs as plants move and eat meat.

Price: $24.95

Under $50

For Infants/Toddlers:

2 in 1 Snug ‘N Secure Swing

9 – 48 months

Easy to use and just right for babies and growing kids who love to swing! Features a T-bar that rotates down for easy loading and unloading. Adjustable stay-put shoulder straps hold baby securely in place.

Price: $31.95

Shape Sorter Curioso

1 Year & Up

Your baby will learn to use perception and visual skills in order to figure out which shape goes where! This matching game acquaints children with shapes and colors. The acoustic and optical elements of the colored blocks stimulate perception.

Price: $44.95

TOMY® Pic ‘n’ Pop

18 Months & Up

Pic ‘n’ Pop gets your child on the move! Launch balls from the chute with the click of the button, and then roll over the ball and magically pick it up! Includes 5 balls. Great for indoors and outdoors!

Price: $32.95

For Kids:

Custom Rides Design Studio

8 Years & Up

Gear up to create countless cool rides from scratch using a custom lighted tablet. This kit lights the way for you to combine acetates and clings to build, sketch, and customize car and motorcycle designs.

Price: $43.95

Wobble Deck

5 Years & Up (not to exceed 100 lbs)

Test your balance and reflexes with this fun electronic balance challenge! Can be used indoors or outdoors, and has 3 multi-level balance games. Improves coordination, reflexes, and mental energy. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.

Price: $49.95

“My” Tent

3 Years & Up

Children will love to play in this bright purple, green and orange multicolor tent. Ties on front door allows for easy opening and closing. Durable and long lasting polyethylene waterproof floor. Storage bag included.

Price: $34.95

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