7 Stellar Summer Toys for Kids

18 May

School is almost over and summer is about to begin! Make sure your kids “take it outside” and enjoy the beautiful weather with a few new toys perfect for outdoor play!

Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline

3 years and up

The large 7-foot bouncing area is durable and has just the right amount of bounce. The netting on all sides helps keep children safe, and the padded frame provides extra protection.


Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow

3 years and up

Send a super-cool rocket to new heights! Kids “stomp” on the pad and watch the foam rocket launch into the air up to 100 feet. Special “glow” edition glows in the dark!


Lazer Light Bug Vacuum

5 years and up

There are thousands of crawling, flying, buzzing bugs in your backyard — catch them live with your Lazer Light Bug Vac! Look at bugs up-close with the built-in magnifying lens.


Classic Flyer by Kettler® Walk-with-Me Wagon

1 year and up

Help little ones with their first steps while providing a wagon to push around precious cargo. Features a wide wheel base and natural hardwood frame. Sturdy construction with front bumper guards great for new walkers and toddlers.


Air Tech® Baseball Glove and Ball Set

5 years and up

Play like a pro with this soft foam glove with adjustable self stick wrist closure. Ball is included, so grab a friend and go play!


16′ Confetti Jump Rope

Your children will jump for joy with these bright confetti jump ropes.


The Freestyle Spooner Board

The ultimate training board for balance, fitness, and fun! Simulates board-sport moves (skateboarding, surfing), but doesn’t require the advanced skills or entail the same danger. Develops balance, coordination, leg, and core strength.


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