Math Mayhem at Kaplan Toys!

4 Sep

From multiplication mastery to measurement magic, this kid-favorite collection of toys that teach is sure to be big hit with your child, while also helping them develop the important mathematics skills they need to succeed in school. Fair warning: These toys are so much fun, they may even ask to play with them on weekends!

Dino Math Tracks

Prehistoric pals make this award-winning math game fun! Kids roll the dice and move their dinosaurs around a delightfully illustrated game board, reinforcing counting, addition, subtraction and place value skills. Includes game board, 16 dinosaurs, cards, number die and instructions for various levels of play. For 2 to 4 players.

Item #: 22408

Price: $23.95

Learning Wrap Ups Multiplication Mastery Kit

Learn your times tables in just 10 days with this multiplication mastery kit! Set includes a workbook, Wrap-ups, and an audio CD!

Item #: 82822

Price: $19.95

Large Calculator Cash Register

Children will build basic arithmetic skills during dramatic play with this cash register! This solar-powered register even holds life-size bills. Item includes play money, plastic coins, play credit card, and activities.

Item #: 33007

Price: $39.95

Wooden Abacus

Wooden Abacus

Encouraging fine motor play while illustrating mathematical concepts with this wooden abacus!

Item #: 3636

Price: $14.95

Counting Tree

Children will start to grasp concepts of numerical value when they count the numbers of leaves and place them on the appropriate branch. Each of the four colors of leaves represents a different numeral and has the corresponding number of leaves. This tree is also durable and easy to clean. This toy is intended for children 3 years and up.

Item#: 81891

Price: $23.95

Measuring Worms

This bucket of measuring fun includes 72 squishy and colorful worms in six colors and four sizes, 1″, 2″, 3″, and 4″. Children can learn math concepts from patterning to geometry at different levels of difficulty with the included 32 double-sided activity cards.

Item #: 22371

Price: $16.95

Math Mat Challenge Game

Get kids to think on their feet! This interactive talking floor mat with fast and crazy quiz games makes learning math fun! Kids listen to the equation, do the math, and then step on the right answer. The game gets faster as their scores get higher!
Item #: 81935
Price: $39.95

Block by Block™

There are only seven pieces in this puzzle, so it should be easy. Right? Guess again! Sixty puzzle cards show 60 three-dimensional structures for players to replicate using the seven pieces. Each of the pieces, based on three or four connected cubes, is unique. Block by Block is an excellent way to develop and refine spatial perception skills. This toy is intended for children in Grade 2 and up.
Item #: 83042
Price: $14.95

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