Musical Toys for All Ages

28 Sep

Ring a bell, beat a bongo, or even break into song with these melodious musical instruments from Kaplan Toys!

Tag-A-Tunes Bells

Three chunky colorful bells make cheery tones by either tapping with a mallet or ringing the bells separately. Perfect for children 12 months and up.

30155 | $17.95

Big Button Sing-A-Long

Children will feel like a real singer as they pick up the microphone and sing-a-long to CD’s with this easy-to-use music machine for young children!

47989 | $108.95

Rhythm Bongos

Beat these bongos to make music of your own! Each of the two bongos in this set feature a wide, stable base with a clear top and textured swirled design. Each bongo makes a different drum tone. This set also includes a sheet of 2 songs of color coded music.

89148 | $19.95

Melody Snail

Young children will discover 8 different musical notes as they push the different colors on the snail’s back. The two straps on the back even allow it to be attached to a stroller or side of a crib.

85568 | $29.95

Mozart Magic Cube ®

Ideal for children of all ages! Create original music from 5 different instruments — French horn, flute, piano, violin and harp or play music from eight Mozart compositions. Large colorful buttons light up to the tempo of the music. Soft, rounded corners even make it easy for a baby to hold!

95882 | $34.95

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