Engineering Some Technology Fun!

19 Oct

From building batteries to constructing potato clocks, this collection of technology toys is perfect for boys and girls of all ages!

K’Nex Discovery Set

Introduce children to the K’Nex spatial building system with this set of 259 K’Nex Rods and Connectors. Students can build 20 different models from color-coded building instructions or create models from their own imaginations!

Enviro Battery

Use household materials like mud, lemons, and water to light a bulb, power a watch, and activate a music chip!

Potato Clock

Generate enough electricity to run a digital clock powered by potatoes with this fun kit!

K’Nex Intro to Simple Machines: Gears

Build crank fans, egg beaters and more, while learning simple engineering concepts such as gearing up/down and increasing speed/force!


Now you can build your very own robot with a pull-back motor and eyes that light up as it rolls! Build four different designs of ZOOB-BOTS or create your own! Ideal for children 6 years and up.


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