Creative Chores for Young Children!

15 Mar


Doing a little spring cleaning in your house? Motivate your children to help out with household chores and make the work fun with these five creative chores ideas for young children:

1. Sing as You Work!

Is it chore time in your household? One thing that can make chores go a lot faster is singing as you work! Encourage your children to come up with a song before they start. Learn the words together then sing as you go. It especially works with songs that involve chanting, so you can sing different parts of the song from different parts of the house as you clean!

2. Reward Systems

We all need a little motivation from time to time. Whether it’s getting to choose what’s for dinner or gaining access to that day’s Wifi password, presenting a reward for children to work towards is a great way to get little hands involved as you clean.

3. Cleaning Exercises

Not sure how to fit in workouts and get the house clean? Why not do both at the same time with your kids? Make chores a challenge by incorporating squats, pushups, and crunches into laundry time, sweeping, and doing the dishes. Give your kids goals to work toward as you motivate each other. It’s especially effective for burning all of that energy toddlers always seem to have! Find example workouts here:

chore-blocks-may.jpg 4. Chore Dice

If you’re looking for a particularly creative way to motivate children to help out around the house, then have them help you create a Chore Dice! Not only is it a great craft to do together (as they can choose some of the reward sides), it’s also a creative way to involve chance to choose what chores kids do for the day as opposed to being assigned the same task repetitively. Find dice instructions here:

 5. Kid-Sized Cleaning

 Finally, having the right-sized tools can make the task at hand seem a lot more manageable! We have a cute collection of kid-sized cleaning supplies that are easy to grip as children help out around the house. Don’t forget to enter our Sensational Spring Cleaning Spree Contest by sharing how you teach housekeeping skills to children on Facebook.

Enter here:




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