Ways to De-stress as a Family

4 Jan


Between all the parties, shopping, wrapping and end-of-the-year deadlines, the holiday season can get pretty crazy for everyone. So after the holidays it is important to take some time as a family to have fun, de-stress and enjoy each other’s company. It can lift the spirits and reinvigorate your energy. We came up with some truly entertaining activities that are engaging for everyone! Keep reading and find something you and your family might like.

Family Cooking Night

Let the kids pick their favorite meal or dessert and work as a team to make it. Not only is it fun for the kids, but also parents get a little extra help with the daily chores. Something like homemade pizza is super fun, simple and easy to clean. Have a contest to see who can make the biggest or funniest looking one and the winner gets to pick a movie to watch after dinner!

Family Nature Walk

Getting out in the fresh air and getting a little exercise is never a bad idea! Find a local park or beginner level-hiking trail to stroll in with the family. Collect interesting leaves, flowers and rocks or play I-Spy as you walk. You could also make crafts, such as ornaments, by decorating pinecones that you find or press flowers for safekeeping. The cold never bothered us anyway!

Family Game Night

A staple in many households; family game nights allow for quality family time, bonding, relaxation and a little friendly competition in the midst of a busy schedule. Consider playing a fun and wacky word game such as Word Family Phonics Cubes or a marathon of different games with the Cooperative Board Game Set . Get silly and have some laughs while trying to read pictures and answer riddles with the I Spy Preschool Game.

Try out these stress relieving remedies with your family and comment below to let us know what you think! For more games that the whole family would enjoy, visit www.kaplantoys.com.

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