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The Best Books About Love for Kids

11 Feb

Children love to think about, talk about, and even read about love! With this extensive collection of books about love, children will learn about compassion, kindness, and friendship. To shop for more best-selling children’s books, visit us online at!

I Love Guinea Pigs

I Love Guinea Pigs

This affectionate guide  answers all the questions anyone’s ever had about guinea pigs!

Item #: 84379   Price: $6.99  Sale Price: $5.00

I Love My Mommy

I Love My Mommy

Animals in the wild love their mommies dearly and depend on them for many of the same things young children do. This adorable padded board book is the perfect addition to any toddler’s library!

Item #: 85075            Price: $6.95

I Love You the Purplest

I Love You the Purplest

This touching story will help children to understand the importance of friendship, the strength in a family, and how to deal with the feelings that they must face each day. This hardback book is a wonderful present for a young child!

Item #: 97682           Price: $16.99


I Love You

Curious babies will love to touch and tug on the TAGGIES™ fleece blanket that covers this special book. This soon-to-be favorite also features eight colorful tags made for small fingers.

Item #: 88268           Price: $12.99

I Love Our EarthI Love Our Earth

This book helps young children appreciate the earth and understand how to preserve it for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Item #: 86808                 Price: $14.95

Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love You

Guess how much kids will love this! This board book is a wonderful expression of love between a parent and child.

Item #: 93904                Price: $7.99

Full Full Full of Love

Full, Full, Full of Love

For the youngest member of an exuberant extended family, Sunday dinner at Grannie’s can be full indeed – full of hugs and kisses, full of tasty dishes, full to the brim with happy faces, and full, full, full of love.

Item #: 50370               Price: $3.99

Andy Shane Is NOT in Love

Andy Shane Is NOT in Love

In his fourth engaging adventure, Andy Shane learns about the delicate balance of old friends and new, and the special joy of bringing home a dog of his own.

Item #: 19870       Price: $4.99   Sale Price: $3.00

I Love You, Sun

I Love You, Sun I Love You, Moon

Teach your children how to love the world around them with this beautiful board book. The simple text and illustrations honor the little things in life!

Item #: 12258             Price: $7.99

13 Toys We Love for 2013

2 Jan

Our resident toy experts share their favorite new toys for 2013 and even explain why they will make for a whole new year’s worth of fun!

Nail Art Fashion Effects

Nail Art Fashion Effects

Toy Expert Susan says, “This easy-to-use set of press-on nails feature a trendy crackle design and use a water-based polish that’s easy to clean up!”

Wobble Deck Extreme

Wobble Deck ExtremeA lover of all things “toy,” Connie says, “This fun, interactive balance game keeps kids engaged, entertained, and even helps them develop balance and coordination skills!”

Candy Construction Building Kit

Candy Construction Our digital guru Chelsi loves playing with the Candy Construction Building Kit alongside her niece and nephew. She says, “It gives them the opportunity to build ‘sweet’ designs using just their imaginations or by making the ideas from the included booklet into reality!”

Squishy Science

Squishy Science Jon, our webmaster and dad of two, loves that the Squishy Science kit is equal parts gross and great for learning. The cool, squishy organs even help kids study the human body.

Light-Up Air Power Soccer Disk

Air Power Soccer DiskToy Expert Susan says, “This super-awesome hovering ‘soccer’ disk features colorful LED lights and is perfect for encouraging active play indoors and out!”

Stick & Stack Zoo Animals

Stick and Stack Zoo AnimalsAccording to new mother, Laura, these soft, engaging animals stick together with Velcro and even include chimes and rattles to engage her adorable little son.

Eco-Friendly Pink Dump Truck

Eco Friendly Pink Dump TruckToy Expert Connie, says “This truck is tough and pretty all in one! It’s even earth-friendly, since it’s made from recycled milk cartons.”

Zoo Kids Owl Rolling Luggage

Zoo Kids Owl Rolling Luggage

The loving father of 5-year-old Zoey, our designer, Van, says, “My daughter loves this suitcase. It’s easy for her to roll along, and even easy for me to carry, because it comes with an adjustable strap for me to use when she gets too tired to keep pulling.”

Lay N Go

Lay N Go Lay N Go 2

Jennifer, the loving mom to one messy boy, says, “This solution is such a lifesaver when it comes to easy LEGO clean-up! All I have to do is ‘cinch’ it all up when my son is done playing.”

Jungle Head Lamps Monkey & Frog

Jungle Head Lamps

Toy Expert Susan says, “These cute, stylish, and fun-to-wear head lamps will certainly brighten things up this year!”

Felt Mosaic

Felt Mosaic

Toy Expert Susan also loves this beautifully crafted mosaic building set and how it all stores in one box for easy clean up!

Rody Horse

(Available in both red and pink)

Rody Horse RedRody Horse Pink

Experienced mother of two, Rosanna, says “This classic toy will entertain children for hours while also helping them to learn balance and coordination.”

Lacing Pony

Lacing PonyToy Expert Connie says, “Colorful and creative, this wood-and-felt lacing toy helps children develop fine motor skills and let’s them customize their pony with colors.”

Check out what else is new to our extensive toy collection at!

More Holiday Hits for Kids

13 Dec

Have you checked your shopping list twice?

Plump up those holiday stockings with a few of these fabulous favorites from Kaplan Toys!

Wahoo Puppies™

This puppy never sheds and never gets tired! This toy promotes balance and coodination while providing hours of giggles and fun! Includes pump.

Wahoo Puppy Pink00521

LEGO Tipper Truck

Help the LEGO workers load the rugged Tipper Truck with rocks and haul to the construction site! This truck features a 3-way lifting function and tons of accessories.

Lego City Truck


Help Anakin Skywalker defend against the evil Sith on board the Sith Nightspeeder. Watch out for their flick-missiles! Set includes 3 minifigures: Anakin Skywalker, Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress, 4 lightsabers and weapon. Twin pods are detachable.

LEGO Sith NighspeederWobble Deck Extreme

Wobble Deck Extreme features four fun balance games that challenge the mind and body! Games include: musical statues, coordination and reaction, and memory match. Helps to develop cognitive skills.

Wobble Deck ExtremeWobble ExtremeMadame Alexander Dolls

Madame Alexander’s Favorite Friends wear the trendiest outfits and love to play and pretend. Body is crafted from child-safe vinyl with full articulation at the neck, shoulders and hips for posing.

Madame Alexander Monkey LoveBest friendz outfit

Owl Luggage

Zoo friends roll along for travel fun! Little kids will love rolling through the airport or to Grandma’s with their own Zoo Owl luggage. Sized perfectly for carry-ons and overnight trips, Zoo luggage is sturdy enough for everyday use or distant journeys.

Owl LuggageGirl with Owl Luggage

Ladybug Neckrest

Tiny travelers rest easy with cozy Zoo pals. Featuring our signature Zoo animals in plush velour, our neckrest is sized perfectly for young travelers, easy to tote along for family trips or quick jaunts. Little ones will feel at home no matter the destination, with their own Zoo pal along for the ride!

Ladybug Neckrest

Turbo Twist Car

Remote control car features bright flashing lights as it flips, twists, and spins! Contains a patented technology with 360 degree rotating front axle that allows your car flip, tumble, roll, dance & do wheelies. Each car contains 6 LED lights that change color with translucent tires/wheels that light up. Tires are made of durable translucent rubber and can be used indoor and outdoor.

Turbo Twisters CarTurbo Twisters RC

Mini Golf Course

Introduce children to an exciting new game as they learn cooperative play, increase eye-hand coordination and muscle skill. Snap-together course can be easily designed to create a variety of setups. Track walls guide the oversized ball straight to the green. Each green includes a unique slanted action for easy putting.

Par 3 Mini Golf


This ball is unlike any other! You must first put it together, and then take it apart and design something else! The inspiration for the Y-Ball® is the skeletal truncated icosahedron, an orb-like geometric figure long admired for its beauty, more commonly referred to as a soccer ball. Here are a few popular ways to use it: Use it in a creativity workshop, Use it as a meditation aid to free your mind or just PLAY with it!


Happy Holidays!

Holiday Hits for Kids

3 Dec

Need a place to start before embarking on the adventure (and the headache) of holiday shopping this season?

Why not take a look at our greatest hits?

This popular collection of gadgets, gizmos, and whozawhatsits from Kaplan Toys is sure to cause children everywhere to jump for joy! (And parents may even feel the urge to dance a little jig, because these toys are educational, too!)

#1 : LEGO®



#2: Calico Critters™


#3: ZOOB®

ZOOB® toys allow children to build open-ended, imaginative creations!



#4: Corolle Dolls



#5: Elf on the Shelf

141421a#6: Crayola®


#7: Little People


#8: Madame Alexander


Not Your Average Blocks

12 Nov

Who says blocks have to all look the same? These fun, original block sets from Kaplan Toys help children develop fine motor skills, spatial relationships and cognitive problem solving skills (not to mention — they are LOTS of fun!)

Farm Animal Stacking Blocks

Children will love to stack and create their favorite farm animal or create a new one! (Item # 30539)

Sand Blocks

This set of 8 wood-framed blocks add a new look to block play! Set includes four square and four half circle blocks with sand-filled centers. (Item #46574)


Tobbles is made up of six uniquely weighted spheres which nest inside each other. The spheres wobble, spin, wiggle and stack. Excellent for teaching balance, proportion, color, structure while encouraging sensory exploration, hand-eye coordination, and visual-spatial awareness. (Item #30572)


This building set is a perfect way to introduce children to the spatial world of angles, color matching and creative, free-play designing! The perfectly nestable design of these blocks assures that there is no wrong way to build. The easy-to-grasp form of the blocks are built out of geometric shapes that nest, stack and come to life with every colorful design created. (Item #00419)

Build a Drop

These unique circular Edu-Foam puzzle pieces with printed surfaces stir the imagination in a new, abstract way! Set contains 27 pieces. (Item #141129)

Engineering Some Technology Fun!

19 Oct

From building batteries to constructing potato clocks, this collection of technology toys is perfect for boys and girls of all ages!

K’Nex Discovery Set

Introduce children to the K’Nex spatial building system with this set of 259 K’Nex Rods and Connectors. Students can build 20 different models from color-coded building instructions or create models from their own imaginations!

Enviro Battery

Use household materials like mud, lemons, and water to light a bulb, power a watch, and activate a music chip!

Potato Clock

Generate enough electricity to run a digital clock powered by potatoes with this fun kit!

K’Nex Intro to Simple Machines: Gears

Build crank fans, egg beaters and more, while learning simple engineering concepts such as gearing up/down and increasing speed/force!


Now you can build your very own robot with a pull-back motor and eyes that light up as it rolls! Build four different designs of ZOOB-BOTS or create your own! Ideal for children 6 years and up.


Musical Toys for All Ages

28 Sep

Ring a bell, beat a bongo, or even break into song with these melodious musical instruments from Kaplan Toys!

Tag-A-Tunes Bells

Three chunky colorful bells make cheery tones by either tapping with a mallet or ringing the bells separately. Perfect for children 12 months and up.

30155 | $17.95

Big Button Sing-A-Long

Children will feel like a real singer as they pick up the microphone and sing-a-long to CD’s with this easy-to-use music machine for young children!

47989 | $108.95

Rhythm Bongos

Beat these bongos to make music of your own! Each of the two bongos in this set feature a wide, stable base with a clear top and textured swirled design. Each bongo makes a different drum tone. This set also includes a sheet of 2 songs of color coded music.

89148 | $19.95

Melody Snail

Young children will discover 8 different musical notes as they push the different colors on the snail’s back. The two straps on the back even allow it to be attached to a stroller or side of a crib.

85568 | $29.95

Mozart Magic Cube ®

Ideal for children of all ages! Create original music from 5 different instruments — French horn, flute, piano, violin and harp or play music from eight Mozart compositions. Large colorful buttons light up to the tempo of the music. Soft, rounded corners even make it easy for a baby to hold!

95882 | $34.95