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Not Your Average Blocks

12 Nov

Who says blocks have to all look the same? These fun, original block sets from Kaplan Toys help children develop fine motor skills, spatial relationships and cognitive problem solving skills (not to mention — they are LOTS of fun!)

Farm Animal Stacking Blocks

Children will love to stack and create their favorite farm animal or create a new one! (Item # 30539)

Sand Blocks

This set of 8 wood-framed blocks add a new look to block play! Set includes four square and four half circle blocks with sand-filled centers. (Item #46574)


Tobbles is made up of six uniquely weighted spheres which nest inside each other. The spheres wobble, spin, wiggle and stack. Excellent for teaching balance, proportion, color, structure while encouraging sensory exploration, hand-eye coordination, and visual-spatial awareness. (Item #30572)


This building set is a perfect way to introduce children to the spatial world of angles, color matching and creative, free-play designing! The perfectly nestable design of these blocks assures that there is no wrong way to build. The easy-to-grasp form of the blocks are built out of geometric shapes that nest, stack and come to life with every colorful design created. (Item #00419)

Build a Drop

These unique circular Edu-Foam puzzle pieces with printed surfaces stir the imagination in a new, abstract way! Set contains 27 pieces. (Item #141129)