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5 Ways to Make Warm Winter Memories with Your Kids

17 Jan


It is incredibly easy to get the cold, winter blues when the excitement of the holidays has past. Exchanging warm nights filled with family traditions, cheer, and enthusiasm for nights of snow and cabin fever can be tough on little ones. Here are some ideas that you can implement to help combat the melancholy of winter while building precious memories.

Family Photo Sharing Time

Whether you store them in a dusty crate in the attic or in carefully designed and organized scrapbooks on the shelf, looking at family photos can provide an excellent night of indoor entertainment. Your children would love to see the adventures of your youth, important events such as their favorite uncle’s wedding, and even their baby pictures from the not so distant past. If you have fully adapted to the technology age and prefer your photos digital, have no fear! This gives you a fantastic opportunity to invite the grandparents over who are sure to have a few photo books sitting around. Plus, there is nothing like reminiscing past summer vacations to warm up a cold winter’s night.

Reinvent Family Movie Night

Often the go-to staple of family time, especially during the winter, movie night can easily become predictable. Why not reinvent it? Instead of watching that cartoon adventure that you can quote word for word, watch old family films that are sure to be crammed full of memories and stories. If you do not have access to home movies, why not start a collection now? Whip out your cell phone and record your little ones answering questions. You can even host a mini family “talent show” then relive the memories by watching your new film at your next family movie night.

Favorite Food Night

Nothing can lift a mood like giving your child their favorite food. Next time you plan your family dinners consider hosting a family favorite food night. Simply create a meal including at least one favorite food item from each family member. For example, if your favorite food is Italian and another member of the family favorite food is Mexican, perhaps you can enjoy a dinner of spaghetti tacos or something less intimidating such as pasta top with taco meat and queso cheese. Yum!

Family Game Night- Winter Edition!

Playing in the snow is a must do in wintertime. Time to make it a family affair! You can, of course, stick to the “snow day staple” such as snowman building, snowball fighting, and sledding. If you are interested in changing up your snow play, try building snow animals instead of snowmen. You can even play traditional games such as “Tic Tac Toe” and “Hot Potato” but instead with and in the snow. If your house is lacking the white, fluffy, wet stuff; consider artificial snow, all the same fun with less hassle and no need to shovel the driveway!


Product Spotlight: Super Snow Bucket (1.5 lb.)

Create snow at anytime, in any climate! Simply add a tablespoon of Super Snow powder to a quart of water and stir. The more it’s stirred, the more it shines and sparkles. Super Snow expands to more than 100 times its size and lasts for weeks without rewetting. Makes over 15 gallons of snow.

Family Fitness

Cabin fever is hard to defeat when the temperatures outside make playtime a challenge. Family fitness is a great way to combat both post-holiday calories and winter restlessness. It can be as simple as pushing the couches aside and stretching as a group or as planned out as a group exercise session. You can even choose to involve your little ones into your already existent home fitness routine, such as having them count your push-ups and “hold down” your feet during sit-ups. Use classic games like “Simon Says” to creatively morph simple exercises like jumpin’ jacks into family fun!

Have other family activities that you use to form special memories and chase away the winter blues? Share your ideas with others and us by commenting below.

Seven Fun Foods to Play with in Nutrition Month!

11 Mar

National Nutrition Month is a wonderful way to celebrate the best healthy eating habits! The Academy of Nutrition and Dietics holds this campaign annually in March to promote the importance of making informed nutritional decisions, as well as  forming good physical activity habits.  With this fun collection of foods for children to play with, they will learn how to make eating decisions that are good for them!


MyPlate Felt Set – This fun felt set shows realistic depictions of food that promotes healthy eating habits and aligns with the USDA’s MyPlate model.

Item#: 62573  Price: $19.95


Healthy Gourmet Salad  This fun salad set comes with a great variety of vegetables, along with salad tongs, olive oil and vinegar, and pepper to help make a great salad for play time!

Item#: 30330 Price:  $24.95


Food Groups  Arrange these fun foods from the four food groups to make a well-balanced meal!

Item#: 46892 Price: $19.95


Mighty Mixer – The knob on top of the mixer turns so the beaters rotate! Lift the beaters up to set up the mixing bowl (or remove it when everything is all mixed up).

Item#: 30704 Price: $24.95


Play-Time Produce Farm Fresh Fruit – These fabulous fruits are realistically sized, adding more fun to your child’s grocery and kitchen play time!

Item#: 18594 Price: $19.95


Play-Time Produce Farm Fresh Vegetables The vegetable counterpart of the Farm Fresh Fruits, these realistically sized vegetables will give more dimension to kitchen and grocery play, as well, and maybe even encourage your little ones to try these veggies!

Item#: 18595 Price: $19.95


Eco-Friendly Salad Set  Great for pretend play! Toss the lettuce and veggies together to make a healthy salad.

Item#: 141192 Price: $19.95

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