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Seven Fun Foods to Play with in Nutrition Month!

11 Mar

National Nutrition Month is a wonderful way to celebrate the best healthy eating habits! The Academy of Nutrition and Dietics holds this campaign annually in March to promote the importance of making informed nutritional decisions, as well as  forming good physical activity habits.  With this fun collection of foods for children to play with, they will learn how to make eating decisions that are good for them!


MyPlate Felt Set – This fun felt set shows realistic depictions of food that promotes healthy eating habits and aligns with the USDA’s MyPlate model.

Item#: 62573  Price: $19.95


Healthy Gourmet Salad  This fun salad set comes with a great variety of vegetables, along with salad tongs, olive oil and vinegar, and pepper to help make a great salad for play time!

Item#: 30330 Price:  $24.95


Food Groups  Arrange these fun foods from the four food groups to make a well-balanced meal!

Item#: 46892 Price: $19.95


Mighty Mixer – The knob on top of the mixer turns so the beaters rotate! Lift the beaters up to set up the mixing bowl (or remove it when everything is all mixed up).

Item#: 30704 Price: $24.95


Play-Time Produce Farm Fresh Fruit – These fabulous fruits are realistically sized, adding more fun to your child’s grocery and kitchen play time!

Item#: 18594 Price: $19.95


Play-Time Produce Farm Fresh Vegetables The vegetable counterpart of the Farm Fresh Fruits, these realistically sized vegetables will give more dimension to kitchen and grocery play, as well, and maybe even encourage your little ones to try these veggies!

Item#: 18595 Price: $19.95


Eco-Friendly Salad Set  Great for pretend play! Toss the lettuce and veggies together to make a healthy salad.

Item#: 141192 Price: $19.95

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