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Fresh Homeschool Ideas

14 Jul

Looking for ways to make homeschooling more exciting for you and your students? Combining work with play can go a long way. Here are three fun ways to get inspired about learning at home:

1. Make STEM an interactive learning experience.


Math and science can be a challenge for kids, but it can also be fun! With bright colors and hands-on educational activities, children will get excited for STEM. Check out these engaging gadgets that are perfect for homeschooling with math and science.


Unifix® Cubes


Fish’N Math



2. Include dramatic play.


Whether it’s considered a break or part of your child’s curriculum, dramatic play is a great way for children to learn basic social and emotional skills while becoming comfortable with social situations. Here are some fun ideas for  dramatic play:

3. Sort with colors!

Use colors to learn about different things. Sorting colors supports organizational skills and engages the senses when learning about different categories.30281a.jpg

  • Example: Teach children about different foods and colors at the same time with play food and baskets.

For more inspiration for homeschooling activities, check out our Pinterest page!

Homeschooling Resources for Parents

4 Aug


Preparing to get your kids back on a schedule as the school year looms ahead? Whether you are an experienced homeschooling parent or you’re new to homeschooling, we have seven select resources to add to your homeschooling tool kit:

82147Dominoes Jar: 

Dominoes are honestly one of our favorite learning tools for young learners. Not only can you teach toddlers their colors and how to sort accordingly, but they also provide math learning that grows with your child. Teach anything from simple subtraction and addition to fractions depending on your child’s age!

29190Play Doh Rainbow

Teaching the smallest of learners? A starter Play Doh set is always a great tool to have on hand! Not only does it provide opportunities for color recognition and sensory play, but it can also be used in art projects. Just browse Pinterest for all the Play Doh inspiration you can ever need!


Early Learning Flash
Card Set: 

Early literacy is so important in young children, especially as it is proven to be one of the biggest indicators of future success. Flash cards are a great way for visual learners to practice the alphabet, rhyming, and sight words.



Not only is Bananagrams fun to play for a variety of ages, but it also provides vocabulary practice as well as words for young children to begin learning by sight. (Not to mention, it provides spelling practice without needing a pen and paper!)

Blunders Game: 91249b

Teaching children social-emotional skills is just as important as academics when it comes to young learners. Blunders is the perfect board game as it provides fun for the whole family while simultaneously teaching children the do’s and don’ts of social interactions.

Smart Lab Growing! Green House:143795a

Why not add a greenhouse to your science unit? The Smart Lab Growing! Green House provides the perfect contained ecosystem for children to grow flowers in as they learn about photosynthesis and the different parts of plants. Be sure to check the plant’s progress every day for interactive learning!

Hucklebee A Smart-as-can-Bee
Preschool Game:143808a

Hucklebee™ is always a favorite for little learners!. As children interact with clapped hands, laughing, and hugs for the adorable plush bee, this preschool game teaches shapes and colors, counting, and following directions.

We hope you find these learning tools helpful as you prepare your home for the school year! For even more sites to browse for homeschooling support, check out the resources below:

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10 Must-Have Homeschooling Tools

13 Jul
Whether a child goes to school across town or across the room, these tools will help parents teach children all year long!

MCP Mathematics Homeschool Bundles (Grades K-5)

Build strong math skills at home with clear instructions and extensive practice to support students of all ability levels! This program uses a traditional drill and practice format and is adaptable to fit a variety of instruction methods.

Price: $48.97

MCP Comprehension Plus Homeschool Bundles (Grades K-5)

Give your child the skills needed to understand written text by providing instruction and practice in major comprehension skills and strategies! Each lesson includes direct instruction of each skill and opportunities to apply and transfer the skill to context.

Price: $19.99

Core Knowledge History & Geography Homeschool Bundles (Grades K-5)

Explore history and geography as your child builds a key understanding of important social studies concepts! Each program covers diverse topics in world and American history and geography.

Price: $99.99

Half Moon Table

Perfect for providing ample learning space without taking up too many square feet, these tables also help protect little ones from accidents with extra-thick rounded bumper edges. Legs easily adjust in 1 inch increments.

Price: $249.95

Classic Chrome Chairs

A great addition to any place of learning, these durable chairs are safe to use on hard flooring and carpet. The chairs are even stackable, perfect for those looking to save space! Chair includes 14 gauge, non-tapered chrome-plated steel legs with SuperGlide composite ball glides.

Price: $27.95-$44.95 (depending on chair height)

Chairback Buddy

A great way to keep supplies organized and within reach (and a great space saver)! Slips over the back of most preschool and early elementary chairs for extra storage and convenience.

Price: $12.95

GeoVision MicroPro Microscope

The GeoVision™ MicroPro with 50x, 100x, 150x, 300x, and 600x magnifications allow young scientists to investigate everything from cells to crystals! Not just a toy, but a scientific instrument, the GeoVision™ MicroPro includes high-quality components and features that make it appropriate for science learning at any age.

Price: $39.95

Break Open Real Geodes

Your young scientist will enjoy breaking these geodes and discovering beautiful crystals formed years ago by prehistoric volcanoes. This kit includes safety goggles, six geodes from one mine, and a full-color adventure guide. The geodes range in size from 1 1/2″ – 2″ in diameter.

Price: $29.95

Student Traveler Globe

Lightweight and durable, this 12″ blue ocean globe is great for your home! The smoke black plastic base and semi-meridian are scratch resistant and strong.

Price: $37.95

[Watch how globes are made here.]

USA Map Collage Boards

Integrate geography into the curriculum! Sturdy, pre-cut corrugated boards are perfect for learning all about the “land of the free!” Students can map out the highways and cities for each state or draw the landscape. Use as an art base or create a unique “map quilt” as a classroom decoration. Includes all 50 states, plus large USA letters.

Price: $19.99