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Back to Basics with Blocks

13 Aug

Building blocks are a classic toy loved by kids of many different ages — and for good reason! Not only do blocks improve young children’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and shape recognition, but they also provide them with endless hours of creativity. These unique building blocks from Kaplan Toys offer children some back-to-basic fun!

Wooden Whimsey Blocks

Stack and build with these uniquely designed wooden blocks. Blocks come in different shapes and have patterns on each side for whimsical fun. They sparkle, too! Create kooky characters with face and arm blocks. Includes total of 15 blocks.

Gorilla Blocks

Children will love building huge structures and towers with these colorful blocks!  Jumbo-sized and weatherproof, these blocks are easy for small hands to manage and perfect for both indoor and outdoor play! 66 piece set.

Build A Drop

These are not your average blocks! Build A Drop puzzle pieces are designed to look like droplets, encouraging creativity and stimulating the imagination of kids more than the traditionally shaped block. Includes total of 27 blocks.

Lincoln Logs Shady Pine Homestead

Kids can create their own frontier homestead, complete with a cozy cabin and a horse-drawn carriage! Includes real wood logs, colorful figures, and other accessories. Each set comes with easy-to-follow building instructions and is packed in a handy storage container for quick clean-up!

Totter Tower

These angular blocks help children develop a sense of geometry, balance, and spatial awareness. Made from bamboo, the 24 piece set allows children to make exciting shapes and structures. Comes with an activity guide for extra fun!


Tobbles puts a new twist on building blocks! Its six uniquely weighted spheres nest inside each other when stacked. The spheres wobble, spin, wiggle.  Excellent for teaching balance, proportion, color, and structure while encouraging sensory exploration and visual-spatial awareness. Includes a base and 6 stacking spheres.

CitiBlocs Wooden Building Blocks

Create whatever comes to the imagination with these brightly-colored, natural pine building blocks! Their open-ended design offers limitless creative building possibilities without the hassle of small parts and connectors.  Includes natural, blue, turquoise, green, pink, orange, red and yellow boards.

Bambino Branch Blocks

This set of wooden blocks feels like real trees! Their natural texture allows children to experience and build with nature in the comfort of the indoors. Even includes an eco-friendly cotton bag for easy storage! Set of 12.

5 Toys That Teach History

13 Jan

Teaching children about history can be exciting AND educational with these products from Kaplan Toys! Join us as we count down our favorite toys that can be used to teach children about knights, pirates, dinosaurs, and even Abraham Lincoln!

#5: Castle Blocks Play Set

Build your own dream castle with these enchanting, artistic wooden blocks. Your young squire can create one large castle, two smaller castles, or a long defensive line. This unique castle set includes 28 wooden pieces with detailed graphics, and medieval characters – everything a child needs for days and “knights” of endless imaginative enjoyment! 3 years & up.

Item #: 141013  Price: $29.95

#4: Magic Tree House Book

Join Jack and Annie on adventures through time and space. Filled with Factual information, these books are great for connecting fiction with non-fiction texts. Paperback. Grades 2 – 4.

Item #: 86512  Price: 86512

#3: American Trivia Board Game

Looking for a more entertaining way to learn about the USA? With questions that are more knowledge-based than trivial in geography, history, and general information, students will find this game to be both fun and educational! 2 to 8 players. Grades 4 & up.

Item #: 91945  Price: $29.95

#2: Lincoln Logs® Classic Edition Frontier Cabin

Build your very own log cabin! This Classic Edition Tin comes with 86 all-wood pieces, including richly stained logs, and roof slats. The familiar notched logs fit together, allowing kids to build any kind of structure they can imagine. The tin acts as a handy storage container for dependable storage and portability. 3 years & up.

Item #: 00992  Price: $39.95

#1: 3D Puzzle Velociraptor & Pterosaur

Let their imaginations run wild with this prehistoric building set! Detailed and kid-friendly instructions show the way for building both a ferocious velociraptor and a flying pterosaur. The patented construction technology makes it so fun and easy to build these creatures or create totally different ones! All pieces can mix and match with one another to make totally different things! 5 years & up.

Item #:  00247  

Price: $14.95