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Exclusively at Kaplan Toys…

27 Aug

Wooden Lacing Bird

This simple wooden lacing tree shape was designed with toddlers in mind. The chunky lacing needle, sturdy handle for holding and large holes for threading will help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Mining Excavation Kit (3-Pack)

Dig and excavate pyrite, quartz and crystals! This exclusive three-pack provides enough digging to keep your explorer busy for hours! Each kit includes tools, display cases, and much more!

Dig-a-Dino Excavation Kit (3-Pack)

Get digging with this dinosaur excavation kit! This exclusive three-pack features a Pterosaur, Velociraptor, and Brachiosaurus for you to excavate and build. Each kit includes Kidz Quiz, instructions, and excavator’s tools.

Wooden Shapes Ball Mazes

These four wooden ball mazes help children learn to visually track moving objects as the ball rolls around the maze. As they play, children will begin to anticipate the path of the ball and the beginning of logical thinking. Designed with large handles for children to easily grasp and manipulate the ball around the maze. Set includes a spiral, circle, triangle, and square.

Matching Fabric Animal Squares

These soft animal-themed fabric tiles are perfect for teaching simple matching and sorting! Includes an activity guide with suggested uses, games to play, and a book list that supports each animal theme.

Heavy Duty Tractor with Trailer

When a big job is needed, call in this heavy duty working vehicle! Durable plastic body along with silent wheels makes for perfect indoor or outdoor play. The wheels leave real tracks in the sand. A perfect addition to farm-themed block play.

Sensational Summer Science Learning

29 May

Summer is the perfect time to explore the limitless wonders of the outdoors. Investigate insects, cultivate a miniature garden, and even test the power of the sun with these exciting summer toys – ideal for teaching children important science concepts.

Butterfly Garden Set

4 years & up

Watch 5 caterpillars develop into beautiful butterflies in this intriguing observation station. Comes with a mesh pop-up habitat, feeding kit, care instructions, butterfly facts, and a coupon for butterfly culture.


Solar Science Kit

8 years & up

Purify water or cook an egg using foiled cardboard and the power of the sun. Construction supplies and complete instructions included.


Critter Cabin

5 years & up

This wooden, screened-in critter house allows children to observe bugs and butterflies. Sliding door on one end for easy access. Cabin has a handy carry strap.


Sprout and Grow Window

Grades K & up

Transparent window allow students to watch as seeds germinate and grow into plants. Includes planter, soil, pea and bean seeds, and step by step guide.


Mining Excavation Kit

8 years & up

Dig and excavate pyrite, quartz and crystals with this exclusive 3 pack. Enough digging to keep your explorer busy for hours! Includes the gold, crystal, and quartz mining kits. Each kit includes tools, display cases, and much more!



Grades K – 3

The first and only ant habitat to be tested in zero gravity. It provides a total ecosystem for ants and uses a non-toxic blue gel which makes it easy to watch the ants digging their network of tunnels. Includes container, ant catcher, magnifier and activity guide.


Laser Pegs® Dune Buggy

7 years & up

This kit comes with enough pieces for kids to build many abstract models as well as a cool dune buggy. Requires 3 AA batteries. (Not included).


Live Frog Habitat

Grades K – 4

Learn about frogs as they live in their own pond. Watch them grow and become the classroom pet. Booklet about the care of frogs is enclosed. Includes mail-in coupon for one or two live tadpoles.


Creature Peeper

4 years & up

Keep your creature for a short time, then let it go. This bug viewer allows children to see the bug two ways, from the top or from the side. It is watertight, so children can view tadpoles or small fish. The peeper is escape proof and won’t break or tip over. Great for show and tell. Comes with a beetle replica.